Friday, December 17, 2010

ALDI Trip 12/17/10

ALDI Trip 12/17/10 $32.42

You can always count on finding great deals at Aldi, even without coupons (which aren't accepted there).  For most items, they seem to have the lowest regular prices, which most often either meet or beat the sale prices of other grocery stores.  I do some of my shopping at Aldi at least weekly, to get staples such as milk, etc.  I still shop at other stores, however, because stacking manufacturer and store coupons with sale prices at other stores, like Copps, (especially on double manufacturer coupon days), can really drop out of pocket costs the most.

Here's what I bought at ALDI today:

1-fresh pineapple, $1.19
1-bag Clancy's tortilla chips, $.99

2-gallons Friendly Farms skim milk, $1.88 each
1-20 oz can crushed pineapple, $.89
1-loaf split top wheat bread, $.99
1-dozen large eggs, $.77 (sale price)
2-bags hamburger buns, $.79 each
1-shrimp ring, $4.99 Great Christmas Addition!
1-45ct. Boulder paper plates, $1.89
2-16 oz. ground turkey $1.39 each I recently bought the same amount of ground Turkey at Copps, without a coupon, for $1.00 each...I sure hope that sale returns again soon!
3-bags Fit & Active yogurt covered raisins, $1.49 each
1-bag golden raisins, $1.99
1-bottle Winking Owl shiraz, $2.99 My dad, who shops at Aldi frequently, said he really likes this brand of, at this price, I thought it was worth a try.  UPDATE:  My husband and I tried this wine and did not like it.  I did use it in a beef roast recipe, however, and it was ok that way.
1-box. 1 gallon size slider freezer bags, 20 ct., $2.49

TOTAL Spent:  $32.42

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