Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ALDI Trip 12/21/10...Lots of Great Produce!

Aldi Trip 12/21/10 $21.12

I'm always finding great deals at ALDI....and today, after buying lots of chocolate at Target (most as Teacher's Gifts, I promise! ;-)) and more chocolate at Walgreens, I was in line to grab some healthier fare...and found a bunch of great-looking produce!

Here's what I chose to buy today:
1-1 lb. bag of Sweet Blossom limes, $1.89
1-1 lb. bag of baby carrots, $.99

1-4 lb bag of Sweet Blossom navel oranges, $1.49 = $.37/lb!...these oranges taste fantastic!
1-1 lb. bag of Sweet Blossom lemons, $1.79
1- 3 lb. bag of Honey Bear granny smith apples, $2.89 = $.96/lb!
1-Venecia Gold pineapple, $1.19
3-acorn squash, $.99 each
1-5 lb. bag red potatoes, $1.79 = $.36/lb!
1-gallon skim milk, $1.99
1-dozen large eggs, $.77
2-packages Lovin' Fresh hamburger buns $.79 each
1-package Lovin' Fresh hotdog buns, $.79
1-loaf Lovin' Fresh, split-top honey wheat bread,$.99

TOTAL:  $21.12 :-)

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