Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Deals at Today!

Pictured above, are two pairs of crocs shoes I just purchased for my daughters (don't tell...they might be a Christmas present!)...I also purchased 2 jibbitz (the little charms you can put on crocs, such as the butterfly jibbitz pictured on the shoe above).  The total cost, including shipping, today was:  $13.97!!!

Here's how you can get this deal:  First (to make this deal even better), get to the site by going through (you'll earn 7.5% cash back on your order!).  Choose two pairs of crocs from the site by choosing the category you're interested in and sorting the search by "price low to high", to find the best bargains.  Place them in your cart.  Some of the crocs are currently marked down as low as $7.99!  (The two I purchased were $7.99 & $9.99).  Then, choose your jibbitz & place in your cart.  When I placed my order, it seemed the jibbitz was only free with a "childrens" order.  Both of the shoes I ordered were in the "juniors" category,, I ordered two jibbitz to get one free.  The crocs site is currently offering B1G150% OFF! (this happens automatically when you place two items in your cart) AND there's FREE ground shipping site wide!

+ use coupon code:  eddiesco11 to get an additional 20% off
+ use coupon code:  FREEJIBBITZ to add a free jibbitz charm to your order!

= two pairs of crocs shoes + free jibbitz for as low as $11.98 (including shipping!) + 7.5% cash back when you go through! = total cost as low as $11.08!

Thanks, SheSaved

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