Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Tip re: Christmas Card Tags!

I like to save last year's Christmas cards for one year.  It's fun to review them the following year and compare to the next year's updates.  Photos of the kids, especially, change so much!  Each new year, however, I feel a little guilty throwing the stack of cards away.  I've heard of people using these for scrappbooking, though I'm not much of a scrapbooker.  So, I was glad when I came across this great tip on Make this year's gift tags by using last year's Christmas cardsGreat idea!

Another time-saver I've found (though, admittedly not quite as personal as writing them out individually), is to use Avery Labels to make several gift tags which state:

To: _______________________ 
From (or Love):  pre-printed list of our names

Then, all I have to do, when wrapping the gift, is stick the label on and enter who the gift is "To:".  Maybe this year, I'll combine the two ideas by sticking these labels on the back of these cute Christmas card tags! :-)

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