Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hy-Vee Trip 12/21/10! Coke 12 pack for $1.00!

Hy-Vee Trip 12/21/10 $22.20

I was glad to see ground beef (85/15) down under $2.00 a pound again!  Also, this week, I was able to stop in after receiving a Hy-Vee "NOWWOW" text to my phone for a great deal on a 12 pack of coke.  
 If you haven't signed up for Hy-Vee NOWWOW's, you might want to...the text messages come through about once per week, and you can score some great deals with these!  This week it was $1.00 for a 12 pack of coke (limited to 4-8pm today)!...Last week it was $.49 for a dozen eggs!  You may not hit every "nowwow" sale.  I sure don't.  However, if you have some flexibility in your grocery shopping schedule, I highly recommend it!
Here's what I chose to buy today:

1-Hy-Vee Dark Brown sugar, 2 lbs., $1.98 I'd rather pay about $.99 for this...but I need the "dark" sugar for a holiday recipe.
1-Hy-Vee Unsweetened Applesauce, 46 oz., $1.88
2-Tone's Cinnamon sticks (about 9 sticks in each), $3.09 I didn't want to pay this much for this either...but at least this was better than the McCormicks which was about $5.50+ for the same amountI'm using these for a great "Sparkling Holiday Punch Recipe".
2-Hy-Vee Sharp Cheddar, shredded, 8 oz., $1.25 I prefer to pay about $1.00 for these, when possible...but this is a pretty decent price.
1-Diet Caffeine-Free Coke, 12 pack, $2.75
+ Hy-Vee NOWWOW mobile text ($.99 for coke products 4-8pm 12/21, limit 1) It's easy to use!  The text comes with an "LU number" to show the cashier...they type it in...and Whalah! Super savings! :-)
= $.99!
4-Braeburn apples, 2.39 lb total, $.77/lb
1-package Dole celery, $.77
1-bunch green onions, $.34
3- 1 lb. packages of 85/15 ground beef, $1.89/lb! :-)

TOTAL: $22.20!

...If you would like to see more deals available at Hy-Vee this week (12/19-12/25), see my "Hy-Vee Deals 12/19 - 12/25" post from earlier this week!

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