Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready for the storm with 2 movies in hand...

We have a big snow storm coming our way in the Midwest...expecting 6-8 inches tonight & through tomorrow.  This made me think today would be the perfect time to rent a couple of movies using the Kwik Trip Blockbuster Express Promotional Code (2KT4U) I mentioned in an earlier post: Blockbuster Express Movie Rental Deal...

I took a quick trip (no pun intended) over to our nearest Blockbuster Express Kwik Trip location, this morning, & rented 2 newer movies that I haven't yet seen:  "Eat Pray Love" (for me) and "How to Train Your Dragon" (for the kids).  I've been wanting to see both (especially the first) for quite some time...and today, with this promotional code, I got them for $.50 each + tax!  Yeah!

It was easy to use this code (2KT4U).  The kiosk walks you through the rental and entering of the promotional code very simply.  Great way to save $1 on an already super inexpensive movie rental!  This code is good through 12/14/2010.

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