Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Super Fun Target Run 12/29/10!

Target Trip 12/29/10 $1.86 + tax! (73% OFF!)

I had a "Super Fun Target Run" today!  Okay, so the rhyme is a little hokey...but, after checking out, it was the first thing I thought of!  Today was a particularly good Target Trip because I made another attempt at using two of the same type of Target Coupons in the same transaction (x4!)...and they all went through without a hitch!  Yay!  No more dividing my Target Trips into separate transactions! (supposedly some Target stores allow this and other's don't) 

Here's what I chose to buy today:

8-2L Bottles of Coke/Sprite, $1.00 each
= $0.75 each!

2-Degree Deodorants, trial size, $0.97 each
= both FREE!

2-Suave Shampoo, 15 oz., $0.84
= both FREE!

2-Poise Thin Comfort Liners, 36 ct., $2.74
~buying these for our sweet little senior dog. 
+ two $1/1 mc (SS 11/14/10 or SS 12/12/10)
= $0.24 each!

2-Nexcare Bandages, $1.87 & $1.89
= $0.37 each!

Subtotal:  $6.86 (73% OFF!)
~used Target gift card earned on prior visit: - $5.00
= $1.86 + tax!

I think we'll be set on soda for a while!  I like to pick up sprite or 7-up when it's on sale & then use it in several punch recipes such as my new favorite:  "Sparkling Holiday Punch".

Remember, you can scroll down to the "Coupon Database" at the bottom of the blog page to search for and print your own coupons!  

For more deals at Target this week, step on over to the Target Deals page of!

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