Monday, October 25, 2010

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I'm a mom of 3, who recently made the decision to find better balance in life.  I left my career to devote more time to my home and family.  To make this work, I've needed to find creative ways to cut down our living expenses.  Out of necessity, and as somewhat of a hobby, strategic shopping and couponing seemed to be a perfect fit!

The first major change for me was a change in how I think about shopping:  I used to just go to the store on a whim, shop for whatever I thought I needed at that moment, paying little attention to shelf prices, and only rarely using coupons.  I did typically choose the item of the lower cost when there was a convenient comparison, but most often, just chose the item by brand name alone.

Now, I don't just shop for what I need right now.  I shop for what I know my family will use in the future.  I clip and organize coupons & watch for sales...then combine manufacturer and store coupons with store sales to save, save, save!  I'm learning a TON, saving more than I ever could have imagined, and am thoroughly enjoying this new hobby!  (Imagine, a hobby that actually pays you money!) Prior to this new phase of my life, I had no idea how much money I could save by shopping strategically.  I've been amazed at the savings I've found through the "game" of strategic shopping! Our grocery bill was slashed in HALF, almost instantly...even while still working on building up a stockpile!

As I've been finding deals scattered throughout the internet, I've found that many apply "nationwide"...which is great!  Others, however, only apply to other areas of the country.  I created this blog,, to help centralize deals I've been finding that apply both nationwide and specific to the Madison, WI area.  As I continue to find great deals, I'll be posting them here, so you can enjoy these great savings, too!

:-) Donna. 
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