Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rare FREE AVOCADO Coupon!-No Longer Valid

All You's Free Sample of the day today is a printable coupon for a FREE Hass AVOCADO! Yeah! Whoever said coupons are only for processed foods!  You'll have to choose a store that allows internet coupons for FREE items, however.  FYI--Copps and HyVee are two that do not.

IMPORTANT UPDATE...ALL is now posting the following:  "SAMPLE UPDATE: It was just brought to our attention that today's sample coupon from Avocados from Mexico is no longer valid. We apologize for this and wanted to let all of you know ASAP."  I don't know if this means the avocado coupons you may have already printed are still legit or not...but, I'm guessing these shouldn't be used.  Apparently, these coupons were once valid but the company intended to only release a certain amount of them.

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