Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amazing Aldi Deals Today! Hot Dog Buns $0.10 each!

Whoa!  I just got back from Aldi & found they have some unbelievable finds this week!  Even better than their usual deals...and no coupons!  The bread & buns deals are especially amazing! Most of the bread items have a sell by date of 1/31/11...I plan to freeze 'em and use 'em when I please! 

Here are the best deals I found (Madison East Store) today.   
You might want to check the store near you!

Hamburger Buns, $0.20 each!
Hot Dog Buns, $0.10 each!
Split Top Wheat Bread, $0.50 each!
Pineapple, $0.99 each!
Navel Oranges, 4 lb., $0.99!
 Fit&Active Yogurt, 6 oz cups, $0.35 each!


  1. The price on your buns and bread is unbelievable. What a fantastic find!

    I hope you will link up your Aldi shopping trip to this week's Aldi Savings Linky @ The Aldi Spot.

  2. Thanks, JRFrugalMom! I just linked up! :-)


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