Saturday, January 1, 2011

FREE 2011 Goals And Priorities Diary (Facebook offer)!

goals1 Free 2011 Goals And Priorities Diary

Start out the New Year right with a free download of this "Goals & Priorities Diary" from Get Organized Wizard Store (regularly priced $29.00)!  

Here’s how to get your FREE copy (limited time offer):
1. Click on the “Like” button on the Get Organized Wizard Facebook Page and you’ll get a special coupon code to download a free 2011 Goals and Priorities Diary with printable pages to help you prioritize and get organized in 2011.
2. Visit the Goals & Priorities Diary page to read about the super-productive and organized year you’ll have with your new diary.
3. Click the green Add To Cart button on that page.
4. Proceed to Checkout and enter your coupon code available on the facebook page in the final step. The Diary price will reduce to $0.
5. Complete your order by clicking either PayPal or Credit Card (doesn’t matter which, as the price will be $0). This will take you to the download page. Download your Diary, and enjoy!

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