Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great Rare $1/1 Smuckers Coupon!

There's a great, relatively rare, coupon for $1/1 Smuckers Sugar Free or Low Sugar Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread available for printing!  Click here to enter a little info & print should be able to print this coupon twice (and this coupon allows doubling!)...I'm seeing a great deal on Low Sugar Jam in our future!  UPDATE: There are no more available prints for this campaign.


  1. I tried printing this coupon, but it said I printed my limit and would not let me print. Not sure why it said that, since this was my first time trying.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. Manufacturers often have a certain number of coupons that they plan to release. Often, these high value and somewhat rare coupons reach their print limit quickly. I think that's what happened. I just tried pulling it up on another computer and received the message "there are no available prints for this campaign"...or something to that effect. I've noticed that when they first run out, they often say you've reached your print limit before it gets switched out to the new message.


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