Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Possible Target Toy Clearance (75% off)???

I'm hearing that Target typically has toys on clearance (at 75% off) twice per year:  January and July.  I'm also hearing that many people are beginning to see this clearance popping up in their stores nation-wide.  I hope to swing by my nearest Target sometime check it out.  I'd love to score some great deals on birthday gifts!  You might want to do the same!


  1. I went there yesterday and the toys were still at 50% off.

  2. Thanks for the update! If/when anyone see's a drop in the Madison area, let us know! Someone mentioned that Target prices often change on Thursdays...but, I wasn't able to get there today to check it out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the toy prices drop soon!


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