Thursday, January 6, 2011

Successful Target Trip 01/06/11!

All of this at Target for $11.22 + tax!
(Thermos alone was $9.78!)

Pretty successful Target Trip today.  Here's what I chose to buy...

2-Swiss Miss $1.60 each
+ $2/1 printable mc (no longer available for printing)
= FREE + overage of $0.40 each!

1-Finish Dishwasher tabs, 20 ct., $3.79
~I really wanted to get this at Walgreens (would have been a moneymaker there)...but both stores near me were sold out.  I'm going to try Walgreens again tomorrow, hoping they'll get a new shipment in.
+ $2.25/1 mc (from SS 1/2/11)
= $1.54

1-Hershey's candy cane, chocolate mint flavor, 12 ct, $0.24
~Sounded fun & what a great price!
= $0.24

1-Bob's Candy canes, 12 ct., $0.08
~figuring I might use these in a dessert this price I'm wondering what else I could do with candy canes.  Hmmmm....
= $0.08

2-Ortega seasoning packets (1 guacamole & one taco), $0.69 each
= $0.19 each!

Thermos Funtainer, Spiderman, $9.78 (clearance price)
~Reg. price is $13.99 & we have needed this as a replacement for a while.  I LOVE these!  Now that I'm paying no more than $2/gallon for milk, I can't stand to pay a similar amount for those little bottles at restaurants!  We use containers like these when we go out to eat (such as at Subway, etc.)...and bring our own milk instead of over-paying at the restaurant.  These thermos's can keep milk cold for 12 hours!
= $9.78 

TOTAL Spent:  $11.22 + tax
Total SAVED$11.78 (51% OFF!) :-)

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