Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Easy Saving at ALDI! :-)

ALDI Trip 1/21/11 $21.69!
Another fun trip to ALDI today!  I'm always amazed at the great & super easy savings that can be found there!  With all of the couponing I've been doing (clipping/planning/strategizing) at other stores, I find it's sort of a relief to be able to just walk into ALDI (where they don't take coupons) and know I'm going to automatically save 50% or more (as compared to typical regular grocery store prices)...

Here's what I chose to buy today:

3-Large Eggs (1 doz), $0.69 each! ~Super price!
1-Gala apples (3 lb. bag), $1.49 = $0.49/lb!
2-Navel Oranges (4 lb. bag), $0.99 each! = $0.25/lb! ~these are fantastic oranges...and this is the lowest price I've seen, even at Aldi (usually on sale for $1.49/bag)!
1-Bananas (1 bunch), $0.39/lb!
1-Pears, 4 ct., $0.99 ~Yum!
1-Boulder Napkins, 250 ct., $1.49
2-Skim milk, 1 gallon, $1.79 each!
2-Fit & Active Light Buttered Popcorn (6 bags each), $1.49 ~I love this stuff!
2-Black Beans, can, $0.55 each!
1-Clancy's White Tortilla Chips, $0.99 each! ~upcoming game day treat!
1-Clancy's Pretzel Rods, 40 oz., $3.99 ~I'd prefer to pay more like $1.00/lb for pretzels, but my husband likes to have them as an easy snack for work & it sure beats vending machine prices!

Total:  $21.69 Fantastic!

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