Friday, February 11, 2011

ALDI Trip 2/11/11...$15.80!

ALDI Trip 2/11/11...$15.80!

I typically go to ALDI about once per week & usually stock up on milk & produce, at least.  Oh, and of course there's the occasional cheese puffs purchase I just can't pass up! ;-).  

Here's what I chose to buy today...all for $15.80!:

1-box of 4 "Honey Bear" pears, $0.99!
1-box of red seedless grapes, 2 lbs., $1.78 = $0.89/lb!
1-box Mercer animal crackers, $0.99
1-box "Savoritz for Kids, Sharks" baked cheddar snack crackers, $1.39 ~my kids love these!
2-gallons skim milk, $1.99 each
1-pineapple, $0.99!
1-bag Clancy's cheese puffs, $0.99 ;-)
1-package "Boulder" decorated plates, 45 ct., $1.89
1-bunch Del Monte bananas, $0.81 ($0.39/lb.)
1-bag "Little Salad Bar" garden salad, 12 oz., $0.99!
2-packages "Bake House Creations" crescent rolls, on sale for $0.50 each ~I haven't tried these yet but figured they might be worth a try for the price!

TOTAL cost = $15.80! :-)

If you would like to see more of my trips to ALDI, click the "ALDI" tab toward the top of the page, or click here!

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