Saturday, February 12, 2011

Copps Trip 2/12/11 $10.72...74% OFF!

Copps Trip 2/12/11...$10.72 (74% OFF!)

I had a pretty good Copps trip this morning & am pretty happy with grabbing this stuff at an over-all 74% OFF!  The Frigo Cheese was all sold out, though, even at 7:00am!...I'll probably make a trip to Copps again on the next double-day (Wed. 2/16) to see if it's in stock again, by then.  I also received two new catalina print out coupons for $1/1 on the Activia Dessert yogurt, which can be doubled to get more of this yogurt FREE this week! See my transactions from this trip below & see more detail about coupons available for match-ups this week at Copps in my previous post:  Copps Deals Week of 2/10/11 - 2/16/11!

Here's what I chose to buy today (in two transactions):

Transaction #1:
1-Roundy's Large eggs, 1 dozen, $0.99 (sale price)
1-Philadelphia Cooking Cream, original, 10 oz. $0.50 (with coupon) 
1-Dannon Activia Dessert Yogurt, 4 pack, FREE (with doubled coupon)
2-Kemps Sour Cream, 16 oz., $0.10 moneymaker, each (with doubled coupons)!
1-$20 Copps Gift Card (to be sure my transaction met the $25 required to double coupons)
= $21.29-$20 Copps Gift Card = $1.29 :-)

Transaction #2:
1-1.02 lb Asparagus at $1.49/lb, $1.52 (sale price)
2-Roundy's Large eggs, 1 dozen, $0.99 (sale price)
2-Silk Soymilk with DHA, 1/2 gallon, $1.89 (sale price) (rang up as $2.50 each, though, I need to go back to customer service on this one)
1-Dannon Activia Dessert Yogurt, 4 pack, FREE (with doubled coupon)
2-Nestle Refrigerated Cookie dough, $0.50 each (with doubled coupons)
1-Coffee-mate, hazelnut, 16 oz., $0.34 moneymaker (with doubled coupon)
1-8th continent Soymilk, 1/2 gallon, $1.49 (with doubled coupon)
= $10.65, + used Copps gift card from first transaction to pay for this! :-)

Totals this Trip:
TOTAL Spent: $10.72 (not including Copps gift card)
Total SAVED: $30.62 (74% OFF!)


  1. Not too shabby lady!
    I have been using the Snapple six packs to bump my basic transactions up - they have a FULL rebate on them so I will get my $5.99 back for them (limit 1 per person instead of 1 per household).

  2. Hi Dannelle! Yes, I saw that you were using the Snapple rebates. That's great! Are they still available? When I checked at the store a week or so ago, I couldn't find any rebates on the Snapple packages. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place?


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