Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Kemps Ice Cream if (when) the Packers Win! :-)

Free Ice Cream if (when) the Packers Win the Superbowl! 

Kemps, a proud sponsor of the Green Bay Packers, is planning to give away free Kemps ice cream sundaes to the state of Wisconsin if the Packers win today. (Or, more accurately: a coupon for a free Kemps Packer Single Serve Sundae.) Kemps facebook page states "Stay tuned to Facebook for details".  Update:  Just click on the "Packer Coupon" tab of the Kemps Facebook page to see how to print your coupon! (only valid for those who live in WI)  :-)

  You can get your coupon until midnight 2/7.  Coupon is valid 2/7/11 only!

Go Pack Go! :-) 

Thanks, Madison Consumer!

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