Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission Tortilla Chips...Most "Like"ly FREE!

Mission made it to 30,000 likes in one day! I hope you were able to "Like" them in time!  If you did, be sure to check back at on March 4th, to claim your coupon!

Mission is having a "Chips Across America" event...which may mean we can get FREE chips!  To get in on this deal, just visit Mission's Facebook page, "Like" their page, and supply your e-mail address.  If they get to 15,000 "Likes" by 3/2/2011, we'll all get a FREE bag of chips!  If they don't get to 15,000 likes (though, I'm pretty sure they will), then we'll get a coupon as follows:
The traveling chip begins in Los Angeles, CA:
  • once they have 5,000 likes, the chip will be in Denver, CO and we get a $1.00 coupon--done!
  • at 10,000 likes, the chip is in Chicago and we get a $1.50 coupon--done!
  • at 15,000 likes, the chip is in New York and we all get a FREE bag of Mission Chips!--done! Yay, free chips!
  • NOW going to 30,000 chips...all 30,000 receive a free bag of chips! :-) (see update below)  
At the time of this posting, they're already at 9800+ "likes" I think there's a very good chance we'll be getting free chips!  Be sure to "Like" their facebook page & sign up nowUPDATE from Mission's Facebook page:  "We've hit the 15,000 goal!  But guess what? Because everyone has been so excited about this, we are going to 30,000!  Like us and the first 30,000 will get a free bag of chips!"

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