Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NEW Athenos Coupons! Greek Yogurt, Hummus, Feta Cheese!

Don't miss these great Athenos Coupons!   
We should be able to get more great deals on Hummus, Greek Yogurt, Feta, or Pita Chips!  Be sure to print your coupons while they're still available (you should be able to print two of each)

This $1/1 Athenos Product coupon is available on  
under the zip code of 77477 or 53590 (click image above to print yours)
available on under the zip code of 90210
is still available on the Athenos Facebook page.  
(coupon is >$1.00 in value, so Copps will not double)

TIP:  Watch for the greek yogurt to be priced down to about $1.00 each...then, use these coupons to score FREE Greek Yogurt!  We may be able to get feta or hummus for about $1.00 with these, too!  Think Double Coupon Days at Copps!...maybe even FREE Hummus or Feta!  Actually, you could do this today (if you stack with the store coupons available in the Copps Cut Back Coupon book, which expire today)...but, I don't recommend venturing out on these roads today unless you have to.

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