Friday, March 25, 2011

Another ALDI Trip this week...The Strawberries Look Great Today!

ALDI Trip 3/25/11...$8.80!
Well, I took an extra ALDI trip today (when I was nearby on a few other errands).  I have been loving the oranges I bought yesterday and decided I really wanted to get another bag at such a great price!  Also, I wanted to find out if they got a new shipment of strawberries in...which it seems they have!  I am happy to report that this new shipment is looking MUCH better!  I bought 3 more lbs of strawberries (which I plan to wash and freeze for use in smoothies, etc.).  I also grabbed a few more staples while I was there.  To see prices on these items, visit my earlier post: ALDI Trip 3/24/11...$10.55!

I'll be subtracting $8.80 more from my $200/mo. grocery budget.

For more information about shopping and saving at ALDI, see Store Tips & Policies: Grocery Stores


  1. I went to Aldi's for the first time yesterday... picked up a pineapple and a cantaloupe. I've driven past the store everyday on my way home for work for the last 2 years but finally stopped in after reading about your shopping trips there.

  2. Oh, glad you stopped in, Nickeletta! I've found that ALDI is my go-to place for milk and produce especially! So easy to save about 50% off regular grocery store prices there...or more (& without coupons!). :-)


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