Saturday, March 5, 2011

Copps Trip 3/5/11 $18.93...72% OFF!

Copps Trip 3/5/11 $18.93...72% OFF!
+ used $10.15 in gift cards (from prior trips) = $8.78
I had a bit of a fumbly trip to Copps today.  A couple of Items I was planning to buy weren't in stock, another was the incorrect size for the coupon I was planning to use, and my coupons didn't double in my first transaction.  I don't know why & either did the woman at customer service. In the end, though, I was able to get some good beer and still save 72% overall.  So, not too bad!  See my three transactions below.  

Transaction #1:
1-Act II Popcorn, 3 ct., $1.00 + doubled $0.50/1 coupon = FREE 

2-Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal, 14oz., $2.00 + 2 doubled $1/1 coupons = FREE

2-Newman's Own Salsa, 16 oz., $2.00 + 2 doubled $1/1 coupons = FREE

1-Milk, Roundy's skim, 1 gallon, $2.35 + FREE milk coupon worth $3.25$0.90 moneymaker!
~Purchased a $15 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double (see FYI below)

Total = $14.10 (+ received $15 Copps gift card to use in transaction #2)
~used $5.15 gift card from prior trip (accounted for in grand total below)

~FYI:  the coupons didn't automatically double in this transaction (subtotal would have been $26.35 before manufacturer's coupons so they should have).  I don't think it's because of the Copps gift card I purchased (as I've used these gift cards several times in the past to be sure my coupons would double & have had no problems).  I caught this on the receipt & received the cash back for the non-doubling coupons (accounted for in $14.10 total) at customer service. I don't know what triggered the issue. & the employee at customer service didn't know either.

Transaction #2:
1-Leinenkugel’s Craft Beer, 12 pack, 12 oz. btl varieties, $11.29
1- Gorgonzola cheese,  $2.99 + $2.00 off (in store) WI Cheese coupon from Leine’s = $0.99
2-Yoplait Go-Gurt, 8 pack, Buy 1 Get 1 Free ($2.99 each) + doubled $0.75/2 coupon = $0.74 each
1-Silk Soymilk with DHA, 64 oz., $2.50 + doubled $1/1 coupon = $0.50
2-Silk Soymilk with DHA, 64 oz. $2.50 + doubled $1/2 coupon = $1.50 each
1-Eggs, 1 dozen, $1.19 - + FREE eggs coupon worth $1.75 = $0.56 moneymaker!
1-Febreze Air Effects, $2.49 + doubled $1/1coupon = $0.49

Total = $17.20 (+ used $15 gift card from transaction #1) = $2.90 (including tax)

Transaction #3:
4-Riceland Rice (1lb. box) $1.19 + 4 doubled $0.55/1 coupons = $0.09 each
3-Zone Perfect Bars $1.00 + $2/3 coupon = $0.33 each
1-Febreze Air Effects, $2.49 + $1/1 double coupon = $0.49
~ Purchased a $25 BP gas gift card (part of fuel budget), to be sure my coupons would double

Total = $26.93 (including tax) - $25 BP gift card (fuel budget) = $1.93
~used $5.00 gift card from prior trip (accounted for in grand total below)

Grand Totals this Trip:  
Spent: $18.93  
- used $10.15 in gift cards from prior (February) trips 
= $8.78 total to take off $200/mo. March grocery budget
SAVED:  $49.14...(72% OFF!)

To see more information about the deals available at Copps this week, see my prior post:  Copps Deals Week of 3/3/11 - 3/9/11! For more information about shopping & saving at Copps, see Store Tips & Policies: Grocery stores.  For more information about couponing & saving, see the new Couponing "How to" page! :-)


  1. Just an FYI- the copps on fish hatchery is remodeling and they have tons of clearance items throughout the store. I went yesterday, but I didn't have time to shop for clearance items that I could double coupons for....shoot.

  2. Wow! Great tip, Lauren! I'm tempted to take a trip over there! If anyone else does, please let us know what you find! :-)


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