Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Menards Trip...$0.00 Out of Pocket! Great Rebate System!

Menards Trip 3/9/11 $0.00 OOP!

 Ok, so maybe you're wondering how all of this stuff could have added up to $0.00 out of pocket... Well, Menards has this great "Menards rebate" system (see below) that can really score you some amazing deals!...and it's super easy to use!  I used prior Menards credit to pay for 100% of these items & several of them will be completely FREE after I receive more Menards credit!  
It's a beautiful thing! :-)

2-Valore Toilet Tissue, 32 ct. double rolls, $8.49 each
+ I'll be sending in for a rebate to receive $7.00 Menards credit!
= $4.99 each (or $0.16/roll!)~Hmmm...may not be the best TP we've ever used, but for the price, I thought it was definitely worth a try.

4-4" painting pad edger placements, 2pk., $2.00 each
+ I'll be sending in for a rebate to receive $8.00 Menards credit!
= all FREE! ~I've done lots of painting and love using these to make a nice crisp line where the wall meets the ceiling.

1-Caulk Tool, $5.00
+ I'll be sending in for a rebate to receive $5.00 Menards credit
= FREE! ~Caulking has always been a challenge for me...maybe this will help?

3- Go Green Biodegradable Garbage Bags, $2.00 each
+ I'll be sending in for a rebate to receive $6.00 Menards credit
= FREE! ~These are great for all of those times we're clearing out closets, prepping for garage sales, etc!

~I used Menards credit from prior trips to pay the $34.08 today...
& will receive a total of $26 in Menards credit back (via rebate)...see below!
Total that applies toward my $200/mo. grocery budget = $0.00

Here's how to do the Menards rebate thing:
1.  Purchase the items (and quantity) offered with a rebate (it's clearly stated in the Menards ads)
2.  A "Rebate Receipt" prints out at the bottom of your receipt with a Rebate # (such as #4616)
3.  Find the matching rebate slip (by the same number) at the Customer service desk. Or, if you forget to pick up the rebate slip, just print from Menards website.
4.  When you get home, put the following into a stamped envelope (address is on the rebate slip) Rebate receipt + rebate slip (add your name & address to the slip...I typically use a pre-printed address label to make this even quicker) & send off!  Also, if you have several rebates to send that are going to the same P.O. box, you can save a stamp or two by using the same envelope!

~ In around 6-8 weeks, you'll receive a Menards credit check in the mail (which does not expire)...valid toward any future purchase at Menards (including other rebated items!) You don't even have to use your rebate checks in can use part of one and they'll just write the new value on it for you for next time! :-) 

~ If you ever want to check the status of your Menards rebate(s), you can visit to get an update! 

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