Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New & Upcoming Blog Changes & Additions!

If you've been a frequent visitor of Madison Coupon Connection, you may notice a few changes coming about on the blog.  For instance, the tabs/categories of posts that were on two horizontal bars along the top of the blog are now available on the side bar (as seen in image above), instead.  These tabs sort posts by categories.  So, if you're looking for posts about a store you frequent, (Target, for instance),  just click the "Target" link! OR, if you want to see posts about "Dining Out" or "Madison Fun", just click those links!

Also, there's a new tab on the bar toward the top of the blog:  "Store Tips & Policies".  By clicking on this tab, you'll be able to find more information about how to shop & save at area drugstores, grocery stores, etc. (& more stores to come!)

Additional top bar tabs coming in the hopefully near future:
~Couponing "How to": ~this is available now! :-) ...for those newer to couponing, which will include some basic couponing concepts as well as a "Coupon Lingo" section, stockpiling, where to find coupons, etc.
~Price List!: ~this is available now! :-) this tab will lead to a page listing various grocery items and the price I'm aiming to pay for these items (using couponing & strategic shopping strategies).

    Also see the new "Monthly Grocery Tally" on the right hand side bar, where I'll be tracking my personal grocery spending each month.  For more information on this feature, visit my recent post:  New Monthly Grocery Tally!  I Need Your Help!

    Oh, and don't forget the "Print Coupons!" Tab on the bar toward the top of the blog, where you can select from over 150 coupons to print right from home!
    My hope is that these changes and additions will make navigation on the Madison Coupon Connection site easier (and provide lots of additional information that you can use to help stretch your dollars even further!) I welcome suggestions for further improvements! Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this post, or contact me by e-mail: donna @  Happy Saving!   :-) Donna.

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