Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Target 3/15/11...What a TRIP! 85% OFF!

Target Trip 3/15/11 $8.60...85% OFF!
+ 6-Diet Mountain Dew, 12 packs, (not pictured)
OK.  Now that was a crazy & discombobulated trip!  Geeze! All of my coupons worked out fine, so that wasn't the problem.  I just had a "new" cashier that kept entering my gift cards incorrectly.  Instead of using the gift cards I handed him to remove $ from my total, he kept adding $5 to each of them (charging me $5 more each time instead of taking $5 away!)!  I actually felt sorry for the guy... 

I did this trip in two transactions.  During the first transaction, an assistant came by to help the "new" cashier (& got things straightened out)...all was well, then she left.  The second transaction went along more quickly and I went on my way.  I didn't notice until I was far from Target that he had done the same thing again during my second transaction!  I just knew I should have verified my receipts in the parking lot before I left. Ugh! By the way, I highly recommend always checking your receipts before you leave the store (any store)...it's amazing how often things are rung up incorrectly!   

Anyway, after my trip to Walgreens, today, back to Target, I went.  Customer service straightened things out...but it was not easy for them either.  In the end, I got a fabulous deal on all of these items...and decided it was a good day to treat myself to a free Skinny Vanilla Latte at the Starbucks, in store, using the $5 Starbucks gift card I had in my wallet. ;-)

Here's what I chose to buy today (with corrected totals):

Transaction #1:
2-Kraft Cheese 6-8 oz Shredded or Blocks $2.00
+ used one $1.50/2 Kraft Cheese Shredded Cheese 7 or 8-oz Target printable coupon x4/15
+ used $1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese (from SS 1/13/11)
= $0.75 each

1-Glade 9.7 oz aerosol + 4 Spring Collection Glade 4 oz. candles, $2.50 each ~They were just marking these down at my Target store while I was there today.
~get $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 5

+ used one $1/1 Glade Premium Room Spray, exp. 4-2-11 (SS 02/27/11)
+ used two $2/2 Glade Spring Collection Product printable

= $0.50 each (after $5 gift card)

4-Suave Conditioners, $0.84 each
+ used four $0.75/1 target store printable coupons
= $0.09 each

1-Orbits gum, 14 piece, 3 pack
+ used one $0.75/1 target store printable coupon
= $1.25 (or $0.42/pack)

1-Lemon, (on clearance) $0.10 each
= $0.10 (these were just beginning to shrivel...but, what a fantastic price!  I'll use it today or tomorrow.)

1-Bootcut Jeans (for my "almost teen" daughter), (on clearance), $4.98
+ used target mobile coupon for $5 off women's denim
= FREE! ~now, I need a little luck here...I hope my daughter likes 'em!  Or, I'll get to visit the nice people at customer service, yet again! :-)

Total: $11.21 - used two $5 Target gift cards (from frozen food deal a few weeks back) 
= $1.21 + received $5 gift card from glade candle deal, used in Transaction #2 :-)

Transaction #2:
6-Mountain Dew 12pks $2.50 each ~whoops!  I forgot to include these in the picture!
+ used three $1/2 Mountain Dew Target printable coupon
= $2.00 each

Total: $11.39 - $5.00 gift card from Transaction #1 = $7.39

Treating myself at Starbucks after this crazy trip!
1-Skinny Vanilla Latte, $4.05
= $4.05

Total: $4.27 (including tax) - used $5 Starbucks gift card = $0.00 ($0.73 left on card).

Grand Totals this Trip:
Spent: $8.60 (to apply to my $200/mo. grocery budget)
Saved: $49.85 (85% OFF!) :-)


  1. Had a similar experience yesterday - not at Target, though. A new clerk also. Glad the customer service works it out.

  2. LOVE the starbucks cup in the picture, LOL! (Sorry you had such an ordeal!)

  3. Yes, Judy. Thank goodness for customer service. At least around here, in most stores, they tend to be very helpful in these types of situations. :-)


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