Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ALDI Deals Week of 4/27/11 - 5/3/11!

ALDI is always a great place to go if you want to save about 50% off regular grocery store prices!  They're my typical go-to store for produce and milk, especially!  They don't take, it's always a quick & simple trip.  For more about shopping and saving at ALDI, see Store Tips & Policies: Grocery Stores

This week 4/27 - 5/3, 2011, my favorite deals (from the ad) are:
Cantaloupe, $0.99 each!
Strawberries, $0.99/lb.!
Mangoes, $0.49 each!
Bananas $0.44/lb. ~not long ago the regular price was $0.39/lb.  So, this has gone up but is still the lowest price around this week (as far as I know). UPDATE:  Supposedly, Kwik Trip now has bananas at $0.38/lb.  Yay!  Thanks, Operation$40K!


  1. My favorite are the strawberries and the cantaloupe! :)
    I like the price of the mangoes but they are usually sour so I don't like them.. unless they are the super young crunchy sour ones which you can find at the Asian grocery stores. The only ripe brand I keep my eyes open for are the ones with boxes branded "Marathon" because their mangoes are usually the most sweet and ripe! :D Sometimes woodmans will carry them for about .89 each which is expensive but for the quality, I don't mind to splurge once a season :P

  2. I bought two mangoes from ALDI last week and plan to use them in the next day or two. I'm hoping they're as good as they look! I'll have to report back! Thanks for the tip re: the "Marathon" brand of mangoes!

  3. aww! wish kwik trip was in east madison! don't want to make the drive to sun prarie or waunakee lol. bananas disappear like magic in our home.


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