Friday, April 1, 2011

ALDI Trip 4/1/11...$9.89!

ALDI Trip 4/1/11...$9.89!

After my trip to Hy-Vee today, I made my usual stop at ALDI where they have some fantastic deals on produce again!

Here's what I chose to buy today:
1-Gala apples, 3 lb. bag, $1.79
= $1.79 ($0.60/lb.)

1-Fresh Express Garden Salad, $0.99
= $0.99

2-Flour Tortillas, $0.99
= $0.99 each

1-Red grapes, 2 lbs., $1.49
= $1.49 ($0.75/lb!)

1-Green grapes, 2 lbs., $1.49
= $1.49 ($0.75/lb!)

1-Bananas, bunch, $39/lb.
= $0.96

1-Tortilla Chips, $1.19
= $1.19 ~actually, I think I grabbed the wrong type of chips today.  The type I buy is usually $0.99/bag.

~I usually buy milk at ALDI, too, (today it was $2.09, which is good), however, I have three FREE milk catalina coupons to use at Copps (after the Copps Kellogg's deal this past week).

Total:  $9.89 to subtract from my April $200/mo. grocery budget

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