Saturday, April 2, 2011

Copps Double-Double Day Trip 4/2/11 $12.94...79% OFF!

Copps Double-Double Day Trip 4/2/11 $12.94...79% OFF!
Well, that was pretty fun!  It's sooooo nice to be able to double 10 coupons in one transaction.  It really takes a lot of the complexity out of shopping & saving at Copps.  I'm pretty pleased with the over-all cost here.  When I arrived at the store, I realized I had forgotten to bring my $25 Copps gift cards in order to do my new $25 Rolling gift card ideaHowever, as it turned out, with the deals I found (& didn't find), I ended up needing to use exactly 10 coupons (& easily met the $25 minimum without adding in a gift card purchase). I also finally remembered to try to find the new Freshetta Pizza by the Slice (with the "try me free" rebate) & was not able to locate it in the store where I shopped.  I'll continue to keep an eye out, though!  FREE is good! :-)

Speaking of "FREE is good":  Copps (just like Hy-Vee) had several Snapple 6-packs with the "full purchase price rebate" attached to the side...AND, today, I had a $1/1 snapple coupon which doubled.  So, after rebate, I ended up with a $2.00 MONEYMAKER on that one! You could too! :-)

For more information about shopping & saving at Copps, see: Store Tips & Policies: Grocery stores.
For more deals available yet this week at Copps, see:  Copps Deals Week of 3/31/11 - 4/6/11! 

Here's what I chose to buy today (in just one transaction):
1-C&H Sugar, 4 lb., $1.98
+ use cut back coupon book coupon to get sale price
+ use $0.50/1 coupon, doubled
= $0.98

4-Bounty Paper Towel Rolls, select a size, $1.99 each ~actually, the shelf said $1.66 each, so they overcharged me on this one & I didn't catch it until now.  I'll have to go to customer service & get my $1.32+tax back next time I'm near there. :-(.
+ used two $1/2 rolls coupons, doubled
= will be $0.66 each once I stop in at customer service.

1-A1 Steak Sauce, 10 oz., $3.35
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled
= $1.35

2-Pompeian Classic Olive Oil, 16 oz., $4.99 B1G1FREE! :-)
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled
= $1.50 each! :-)

1-Snapple Diet Lemon Ice Tea, 6 pack, $5.50
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled
= $3.50 + package had a "full price rebate" (per person) attached to the side, so $2.00 MONEYMAKER after rebate! :-)

1-Green Beans, .83 lb. @ $0.99/lb.
= $0.82

4-Roundy's Probiotic Yogurt, $0.25 each
+ used cut back coupon book coupon to get sale price
= $0.25 each  

4-Kraft Shredded Cheese, 8 oz., $1.66 each
+ used two $1/2 coupons, doubled
= $0.66 each

2-Silk Soymilk with DHA, 64 oz., $2.50 each
+ used two $0.75/1 coupons, doubled
= $1.00 each

2-Kemps Select 1% milk, 1 gallon, $3.39
+ used two FREE milk coupons from prior trip

Total Spent: 18.44 - $5.50 Snapple rebate = $12.94 to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget
Total Saved: $48.15 (79% OFF!) :-) 

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