Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Copps Trip 4/13/11 $0.60! FREE Cheese & MONEYMAKER MILK!

Copps Trip 4/13/11 ONLY $0.60!...98% OFF!
O.K.  This was a simply CRAZY Copps trip!  I only spent $0.60 for all of this! Wow!
For these & more deals available at Copps yet today, see: Copps Deals Week of 4/7/11 - 4/13/11!  For more information about shopping & saving at Copps, see: Store Tips & Policies: Grocery stores. 

Here's what I chose to buy today:

Transaction #1:
5-Smart Balance Milk, 1/2 gallon, $2.00 ~There was only one of these milks available on the shelf so I asked if they had any in the back...and they had several cases! :-)
+ used five $1/1 coupons, doubled
+ used $2.00/5 in ad coupon

2-Roundy's string cheese, 6 oz., $1.00
= $1.00 each ~However, only one of these rung up!  I was wondering why my total was lower than I expected so I checked my receipt in the parking lot & saw the under-charge.  I then went back in & told a manager that I owed them $1.00.  His reply was "Oh, no big deal, that's ok, don't worry about it." :-)  So I got one of the string cheese packages for FREE! :-)

~ used Rolling Gift Card Idea: purchased a $25 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double & also used a $25 Copps gift card from a prior trip to zero this cost out.

Total: $24 ~paid with $25 gift card from previous purchase, so $1.00 left on gift card 

Transaction #2:
2-Roundy's eggs, 1 dozen, $1.35
+ used $0.55/2 eggs coupon, doubled  Thanks, MojoSavings!
= $0.80 each!

~ used Rolling Gift Card Idea: purchased a $25 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double & also used a $25 Copps gift card from a prior trip to zero this cost out.

Total: $1.60 - used $1.00 left on gift card from transaction #1 = $0.60!

Grand totals this trip:
Total Spent: $0.60! :-) to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget
Total Saved: $23.84...that's 98% OFF! Yippeee! Works for me! :-)

FYI: Without the string cheese receipt error, I would have spent $1.60 (93% OFF)


  1. I've noticed that you often have 4 or 5 of the same coupon. How do you get so many of coupons that come out of paper inserts?

  2. Hello Nickelleta, that's a great question!

    I usually have about 3 of each newspaper coupon insert because I have one subscription + my parents and a neighbor are giving me theirs. Also, a very nice friend who is a newspaper delivery person occasionally gives me a left over insert or two. Many people also purchase additional papers at the $1.00 store (such as Dollar Tree).

    For internet printable coupons, you can usually print two "like" coupons from each computer. At times, I'll print out coupons my mom can use & she'll print out coupons I can use. It works out nice!

  3. Could you explain this rolling gift cards more in detail?

    Can you use a gift card to pay for another gift card?

    If not do you pay for half the groceries with a gift card and then pay cash for the gift card?

    Transaction 1 adds up to be 12 dollars before coupons + 25 gift card? Why did you pay 24 dollars?

  4. Sure! :-)

    Yes, I have had no trouble buying a gift card with another gift card.

    In the first transaction, the Smart Balance Milk was an overall $2.00 moneymaker. So,
    Milk = -$2.00 (this is a negative $2)
    Cheese = $1.00 (because one was not rung up, see above)
    New $25 Gift card = $25
    Total = -2 + 1 + 25 = $24

    I used an old $25 gift card I already had to pay all $24, then had $1.00 left over on the old gift card which (in this case) I applied toward transaction #2.

    If/when the transaction exceeds the cost of the new $25 gift card I'm purchasing (most of the time), I first use an old $25 gift card to pay, then pay the reminder in cash or with debit card/other.

    For more information, see my previous post which includes further info about the "Rolling Gift Card Idea" at

    I hope this helps! :-)

  5. So u were able to double the egg coupon in your second transaction without the $25 min purchase?

  6. Hello poglaus! I met the $25 minimum purchase in the second transaction by purchasing the $25 gift card. I then also paid for the first portion of that transaction with another $25 gift card I had purchased previously (which zero'd out the gift card cost) & made my total out of pocket cost for the second transaction just $1.60 for the two dozen eggs. :-) See more about my "rolling gift card idea" HERE.


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