Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Copps Trip 4/6/11...Overall $0.26 MONEYMAKER!

Copps Trip 4/6/11...Overall $0.26 MONEYMAKER!
I made a quick trip to Copps today (mostly because we're running a little low on milk & I still had a FREE milk coupon from a prior trip).  I ended up doing pretty well.  I used my new $25 Rolling Gift Card idea to be sure my coupons would double...and it worked great!  

Here's what I chose to buy today:
1-Snapple Diet Lemon Iced Tea 6 pack, $5.50
+ used $1/1 printable, doubled
= $3.50 + package had a "full price rebate" form on it, which I will send in to get $5.50 back making this a $2.00 MONEYMAKER!

1-Kemps Select 1% milk, $3.39
+ used FREE milk coupon from prior trip

1-Fresh Green Beans, $1.51lb. @ $0.99/lb. 
= $1.49

2-Powerbars, $1.00 each
+ used one $1/2 printable coupon, doubled

~ used Rolling Gift Card Idea: purchased a $25 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double & also used a $25 Copps gift card from a prior trip to zero this cost out.

Total Spent: $5.24 - $5.50 (Snapple rebate) = $0.26 MONEYMAKER!
Total SAVED: $9.20 + $5.50 (Snapple rebate) = $14.70... >100%OFF! :-)


  1. Donna, what are the dates on your rebate form?

    I have this info on the ones that ended 3/18:

    If you can't find the peelie form that was stuck on 6 packs of Snapple to get the FULL rebate value, here are the details:
    On an index card put:

    Phone and/or email (If you would like to provide it)
    The flavor purchased
    The price paid
    The store name

    *Send in your original receipt that has to be dated between 1/1/11 and 3/1/11 and postmarked by 3/18/11.
    *Also to send in the UPC code that is located on the Snapple box.
    The rebate is good for a 6 pack of Snapple drink up to $6.99.
    You can mail the rebate to the address listed below.
    Please allow 6 to 8 weeks before receiving the check.
    -->Also, the rebate is good for as many people you would like per household but only one per person, which can all be mailed in the same envelope.

    Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
    PO Box 40896
    Houston TX

  2. Hi Dannelle! The Snapple rebate form states: "Receipt must be dated between 3/27/2011 and 6/30/2011. Rebate must be postmarked by 7/11/2011." On the back it also states "One rebate per person..." I e-mailed to inquire about the "one per person" and they replied with: Yes, you can submit as many as you would like per household as long as it is one per person." :-) I don't know whether you can send in index cards (in lieu of the rebate forms) as with the prior Snapple rebate. However, I'm guessing you probably could. Zip for address you indicated above is 77240-0896

  3. Actually, reading further on the rebate form I have, it states "This certificate must accompany your request. No duplication or reproduction of certificate." So, if you're thinking of trying the "index card" route with this rebate, I'd be sure to e-mail, first to be sure it's ok.

  4. Good to know that they are rolling this rebate! I am waiting to see if I get the money for the first five we bought, from Feb

  5. Update: Good news! I just emailed at again today and asked: "...Is this "index card method" allowed with this 3/27- 6/30/11 rebate offer as well?" The reply was: "Yes, they are accepted in this program." :-)


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