Friday, April 8, 2011

Hy-Vee Trip 4/8/11...$5.36! + "Bargain Book Blowout"!

I made a trip to Hy-Vee this morning, during their "2-Day Sale".  I just picked up a couple of items, then made a trip to nearby ALDI, too.  While at Hy-Vee, I took a peek at their "Bargain Book Blowout".  It seemed to be mostly children's books and cookbooks, but there were also some novels, etc.  One was by the author of Lovely Bones (I don't remember what the title was, sorry).  The book sale was located near the refrigerated section.  Most of the books were in the $4-$7 price range & sign stated "up to 80% OFF".  See photo below:

...and for what I chose to buy at Hy-Vee today:

Hy-Vee Trip 4/8/11...$5.36
4-Hy-Vee Cottage Cheese 1% small curd, 24 oz., $0.99 each = $0.99 each

1-Jicama, 1.02 lb., @ $0.88/lb. = $0.90

1-Green Onions, bunch, $0.50 = $0.50

Total: $5.36 to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget
To learn more about shopping & saving at Hy-Vee, see:  Store Tips & Policies: Grocery Stores
To see more about deals available at Hy-Vee this week see:  Hy-Vee Deals Week of 4/3/11 - 4/9/11!

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