Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*NEW* Madison Coupon Connection PRICE LIST!

New Madison Coupon Connection"Price List!" page! 
When I was just starting out in couponing, I'll admit, I had no idea how much I had been spending on the majority of the products I was buying.  It's taken some time to get a handle on the best "buy" prices in our area, and I'm still continuing to learn how low prices can go.  

On this new page, I've listed the prices I try not to pay more than.  Many products can be purchased for FREE (with rebate/coupon/register reward/other) at some time or another.  However, if that's not possible, then these are the prices I aim to match or beat by pairing a coupon with a great sale.

The prices I aim for are based on what I've seen in the Madison, WI area.  I plan to update these "buy" prices as trends change & as I continue to learn.  Please note that prices can vary significantly by region.
Check out the new "Price List!" page HERE!  Are these prices close to what you've been aiming for with couponing & strategic shopping?  It would be great to know if you have been able to find lower prices in our area on a regular basis.  Let's share & learn together! :-)


  1. This is fabulous Donna, what a great resource. I'll keep watching and learning, and hopefully I'll get near some our your pricing.

    The only pricing I can confirm, is that I never buy meat that is more than $1.99 a pound unless it's a special reason (like corned beef for st patricks day). Piggly Wiggly tends to have really good sales on meat and I've often gotten pork chops and ribs for $1.69 per pound. Of course, I think Piggly Wiggly is only in the outlying communities so it may not be convenient for you to get there.


  2. Thanks, Nickeletta! Let's learn together!

    I haven't done very much Piggly Wiggly shopping (closest is probably about 20-30 minutes from me) but it's good to know they have some good sale prices on meats! I have considered posting their deals at times but from what I understand, prices can vary quite a bit from store to store.

  3. This is a great list! I've been meaning to make up my own price list but have never gotten around to it - so I'll just use yours. :)

    These prices seem pretty consistent with what I've found after couponing seriously for the last 18 months or so. It does seem to be getting harder to find good prices on beef lately.

    Can I just add that I love the info you post about your shopping trips? When you add info, such as the strawberries at Aldi not looking good that day, I can better plan (or postpone) my shopping trips. It's so helpful!

  4. Hi Liz! Great that you are finding the price list is pretty consistent with your experience in the area.

    I agree about the beef! Seems beef and produce are creeping up a bit, especially! It just makes it all the more important that we continue to shop strategically! :-)

    You're welcome re: my shopping trip posts! I'm so glad to know that they're helpful to you! Thanks! :-)

  5. What a great list Donna. Your prices are pretty consistent with what I try to pay, if I have to pay for something.


    The Aldi Spot


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