Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reader Report: Two great ALDI Discounts seen Today!

Reader Report:  I just got word from two Madison Coupon Connection readers, Don & Judy, that ALDI's (Madison East Store) currently has their Multi-pack peppers (3 peppers, i.e. red, yellow, and orange) for $0.99!  This is a fantastic price for this type of pepper!  Don also saw (in store today) that they have their Tomatoes on the vine (minimum weight 14 oz.) at $0.69!  These are fantastic prices & he reports that both products look great & they have plenty of each!

Oh, and don't forget the $0.75/lb. Red Grapes!  They're delish! :-)

If you're planning to be near ALDI anytime today, you may want to stop in for these great produce deals!

Thanks, Don & Judy!

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