Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TLC Extreme Couponing Series...SNEAK PEEK!

TLC is profiling FOUR new couponers on their new series 'Extreme Couponing' which airs tonight at 8pm Central.  See more about this new show HERE

Tonight's "new series" episodes will be featuring the following people: 
Rebecca Routson from St. Louis, MO
Tiffany Ivanovsky from Houston, TX
J'aime Kirlew from Washington D.C.
Jessica Hacker from Caldwell, Idaho

Would you like to meet these extreme couponers early?
Get a SNEAK PEEK of their profiles HERE on We Use Coupons!


  1. I blogged on it too - we won't be following it as most of the people they follow get to shop at stores that TRIPLE coupons (none in WI do) and they don't limit the coupons or make an exception for the store policy for the episode.

    In WI, we have limits on how many we can use at one we have to work the deals with multiple transactions.

    Besides: who needs 1,500 tubes of deodorant, LOL?

  2. Yes. We do currently have more restrictions on how we coupon in WI: minimum purchase requirements, limits on # of coupons that can be doubled (& few stores that do double), no tripling, etc. This makes it tougher to go to the extreme demonstrated in the show.

    However, most people (including myself) would not want to go to that extreme, anyway. I just want to save my family as much $ as possible on items we can use (now or in the relatively near future: 3-6 mos or so). I certainly don't want to have a stockpile that takes over my home. It IS ridiculous to stockpile enough deodorant to last 150 years. LOL! :-)

    The show is inspiring to me, though...and fun to watch (except for the shelf clearing part, which I think is disrespectful to other shoppers)! The "extreme-ness" displayed on the show is, of course, not the "norm" for the vast majority of couponers. But, it makes for some pretty good & entertaining TV, IMO! :-)

  3. It's just not even possible here in Madison . I would loVE to get the bill down to pennies like these people, but they are never buying for weekly shopping (meat, milk, diapers, bread, juice etc.. They are buying sports drinks, toothpaste, deodorant etc ... Show me someone who can extreme coupon under our circumstances, coupon rules etc... And I will call them the coupon queens.


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