Sunday, May 1, 2011

2nd month at $200/mo. grocery it enough?

April 2011 Grocery Spending Results!
O.K.  I've just wrapped up the second month of my trial $200/mo. grocery budget for a family of 5 I have to say, meeting my challenge budget this month seemed to be a little more difficult.  I started out spending too much on day one (trying to be sure I had enough Powerade for my daughter to prepare for her karate black belt test sent me over the edge, I think.  I bought too much!).  Then, there were several deals I chose to pass up in an effort to stick to my budget.  We still did pretty well in terms of having the food that we needed throughout the month, though. 

I'm struggling a bit here, however.  I wonder at what point I might be passing up so many deals that my stockpile might dwindle too quickly.  So far so good...but, I may have to edge the budget up a bit to be sure I'm keeping things in balance.  We'll see.

I did go a little over budget (by $1.84) when I chose to buy a little extra produce at Hy-Vee on Saturday.  I don't regret that, though.  I'm still amazed at how much I've been able to cut my grocery spending back through couponing & strategic shopping (for more info, see last month's budget tally HERE).

So, what's next?  I think I'll keep my challenge grocery budget at $200/mo. for one more month and see how I do. I think having a budget helps me to keep my spending in line & prioritize which deals are really the best choice for my family.

Have you been challenging yourself to a lower grocery budget?  How is it going for you so far? 


  1. Keep in mind that you are on a fixed budget and prices are creeping up -- this month alone, even Aldi had price increases.

    I have been able to keep my $100/Mo budget but have a full stockpile - it's easier that way, and I see a "living off my stockpile" month coming up, LOL!

  2. I think you did great! prices are going up really fast... including gas! 200 budget for a family of 5 is awesome! I only have a family of 3 1/2 (one of my younger sisters now spends her nights with us in the extra room we have so that's my 1/2 lol) so hopefully I can create a good budget for us too :) thanks for sharing!

  3. How much were you spending before? I also have a family of 5 (one is a 16 yr old teen) so maybe you could say 6! I am currently spending around $400-$500/mo. Working hard at getting it down!

  4. Hi raelynn! We were actually spending a ridiculous amount per month (about $1000-$1200/mo.) back in our days of "pure grocery cost oblivion"! ;-)

    I'm still shocked (& thrilled) that we're able to cut back this much with couponing & strategic shopping! What an eye-opener! :-)


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