Friday, May 13, 2011

ALDI Trip 5/13/11...$13.41!

ALDI Trip 5/13/11...$13.41
Later today, I made a quick stop at ALDI.  I was hoping to find some better produce deals (we could use some more fruit!).  They do have Whole White Mushrooms for $0.49 this week (great price!)...but I already have lots in the freezer.  Yes, the Clancy's Ranch Tortilla chips (ALDI's version of Doritos) were calling my name (I really shouldn't stop by the grocery store right before supper!)...

To learn more about shopping and saving at ALDI, see: Store Tips & Policies: Grocery Stores

Here's what I chose to buy at ALDI today:
1-Flour Tortillas, $0.99
1-Braeburn Apples, 3 lbs., $2.89 (or $0.96/lb.)
4-Split Top Wheat Bread, $0.99 each
1-Clancy's Ranch Tortilla Chips, $1.19
2-Skim milk, 1 gallon, $2.19

Total Spent: $13.41 to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget

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