Saturday, May 7, 2011

Copps Trip 5/7/11 $7.87 + tax...83% OFF! DOUBLE-Double Day!

Copps Trip 5/7/11 $7.87 + tax 83% OFF!
Well, I got up this morning bright eyed & bushy tailed...(not really).  In truth, I had to drag myself out of bed and into the store.  I'm glad I didn't see anyone I knew today, because I'm sure I looked like I just rolled out of bed! ;-)  I was excited to get to the store to snatch up some pretty good deals, though.  I was hoping to spend a little less this morning, but we're having a little Mother's Day brunch at our house tomorrow & there were a few extra items we needed for that (the pizza crust, cream cheese, & bacon).  Of course, I wasn't able to find any coupons for these items in time, so I just went for the least expensive choices where I was able.  Glad I still came out with 83% off, though! :-)

For these deals and more available at Copps this week, see my earlier post:  Copps Deals Week of 5/5/11 - 5/11/11!
To learn more about shopping and saving at Copps, see: Store Tips & Policies: Grocery Stores

Here's what I chose to buy this morning:
1-Roundy's 1% milk, 1 gallon, $1.98
+ used in ad coupon to get sale price
= $1.98

1-So Delicious Coconut Milk, $2.49
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled
= $0.49

4-Libby's Jumbo Mixed Fruit Cups (50% OFF), $1.34 each
+ used two $1/2 coupons, doubled
= $0.34 each!

2-Propel Zero, $0.50 each (tag stated $1.19 but when scanned they were only $0.50 each!)
+ used $1/2 coupon, doubled
= $1.00 moneymaker!

2-Better Oats Oatmeal, $1.00
+ used two $1/1 coupons, which only "doubled" to $0.25 more off each
= $0.50 moneymaker

4-Nivea Lip care, $1.00 each
+ used one $1/2 coupon, doubled
+ used one $2/2 coupon
= $2.00 moneymaker!

4-Pure Protein Bars, $1.00 each (tag said $1.49 but these did ring up to sale price)
+ used two, $1/2 coupons, doubled

1-Roundy's Turkey Bacon, $2.79
= $2.79

2-Roundy's Pizza Crust, $1.75 each
= $1.75 each

1-Crystal Farms Cream Cheese, 8 oz., $1.25 (sale price)
= $1.25

~ used Rolling Gift Card Idea: purchased a $25 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double & also used a $25 Copps gift card from a prior trip to zero this cost out.  

Total Spent: $7.87 + tax = $7.98 to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget
Total Saved: $37.67 (83% OFF!)


  1. Nivea! they were gone when I went shopping today .. :( I did get a rain check in case they don't get anymore in before the new ad next week. If Wednesday is a beautiful day my daughter and I might bike there for a regular double day and check out on the niveas. :)

    I was too much of a scaredy cat to try the silk milk today though heehee... really wish they had samples of those today too, cuz they had samples of the coconut milk :)

  2. I ended up with a Nivea rian check too - and it's funny Donna - I had 83% savings too!

    How is the coconut milk? It's supposed to be Super healthy! I just got my kid used to vanilla soymilk on cereal -- and chocolate soymilk for treats.

  3. Hi Dannelle! Our kids like the coconut milk. I don't buy it often, but at this price, it was hard to resist! We've used it to make a yummy rice pudding dessert called kheer, too: Kheer Recipe


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