Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not my favorite Copps trip...

Copps Trip 5/25/11

I was thinking this would just be a simple little trip.  It didn't quite go as I had planned.  I'm feeling a little crabby about it, to be honest.  It was a busy, congested aisles type of trip.  Long lines at the register, etc.  Certainly not my favorite time to shop.  They were out of the soy milk I was planning to buy & I realized (at the register) that I had the wrong gum coupons.

I usually look at each of my coupons to verify that I have the correct item/size prior to going to the register.  Today, thinking I'd just breeze through the trip, I neglected to double-check....and paid for it (literally) at the register, where I made a last minute switch to the correct product ($1.49 "5" gum instead of $1.00 "Stride" gum). ;-(

Here's what I chose to buy today:
1-Roundy's Milk 1%, 1 gallon, $2.29
= $2.29

1- Fresh Express Garden Salad, $0.88
+ used in ad coupon to get sale price
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled up to reg price of $1.29
= $0.41 moneymaker

4-"5" gum packs, $1.49 each
+ used two $1/2 coupons, doubled
= $0.49 each ~really just wishing I hadn't bought this.  I've never tried this gum, though...maybe it's worth $0.49?  My (almost) teenage daughter thinks it's great, though.  She said this gum is "black" in color.  Should be interesting.

1-Best Life Spread, $2.00
+ used $0.50/1 coupon, doubled
= $1.00

1-Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, $3.00 ~I'm going to need this. ;-)
+ used $1/1 coupon, doubled
= $1.00

~ used Rolling Gift Card Idea: purchased a $25 Copps gift card to be sure my coupons would double & also used a $25 Copps gift card from a prior trip to zero this cost out. 

Total Spent: $6.06 to subtract from my $200/mo. grocery budget
Total Saved: $11.24 (65% OFF!)


  1. Sorry!
    That just sucks when it is no fun to shop - t becomes a comedy of errors...relax, and get pumped for the fun on Saturday!

  2. I've tried the Take 5 gum. it's actually pretty good. I've bought it the last few times it's been on sale because of the coupons. My son is the one who told me to buy it :)


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