Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walgreens Deals Week of 5/22/11 - 5/28/11!

See the great deals at Walgreens this next week (5/22 - 5/28, 2011)!
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  1. walgreens is super fun to shop at when everything is in stock lol... lately I haven't been able to find any RR deals in stock so I'm kinda bummed out about it..

    but on the happier side, I was in the appleton area this past weekend because my in-laws live there... and I saw their pick n save ad (which is always half a weekend ahead of us ahead) and it showed buy 2 palermo's pizza (the more expensive ones) and get 2 free tickets to Mt Olympus Water Theme Park! So I decided to try it out since I had my coupons with me and I got 2 free tickets! with some awesome pizza too lol.
    Just a heads up! If our Thursday ad doesn't show that for us, I'm heading back this weekend to the appleton area for more free tickets with the coupons I have lol.. :D

  2. Hi poglaus!

    Oh, I agree re: Walgreens. I've saved lots of $ there, too...but, have had some trouble at times with things being out of stock. It helps to find out when "the truck" is going to arrive at your store (that is if your schedule allows you to stop in a few hours after that).

    Mount Olympus is a family favorite for us! Great that you had your coupons with you up in Appleton! Soon, we'll find out if the same deal will be going on in the Madison area this next week, too! :-)

  3. Yup - we get that same deal, starting tomorrow

    Thanks for mentioning it, it didnt jump out at me!


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