Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roundy's: Copps, Pick'n-Save Deals Week of 8/4/11 - 8/10/11!

Sorry I didn't get around to my usual post of Copps/Pick'nSave deals this week.  I've had a particularly busy week which included working on a DIY deck staining project that took much longer than I had initially anticipated.  I'm so glad it's now complete!  Next, I'll be staining our swing set...but, (hopefully) that won't take nearly as long.

If you're heading to Copps for double-day tomorrow (Wed., 8/10/11), take a peek at Dannelle's Copps/Pick'n Save (8/4 - 8/10) deal post on Operation$40KShe adapted the list from "Pocket Your Dollars" to correlate with the ad for our Madison area.

You can double up to five manufacturer coupons (with a value of $1.00 or less) on Wednesday August 10th.  Your total order needs to be at least $25 before tax and after store coupons, and you need to use your Roundy's rewards card in order for your coupons to double.  Individual store coupon policies may vary, so be sure to check in with customer service.  For more information about shopping & saving at Copps & Pick'n Save, see Store Tips & Policies: Grocery stores.

Thanks, Dannelle!

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