Price List!

Price List!

When I was just starting out in couponing, I'll admit, I had no idea how much I had been spending on the majority of the products I was buying.  It's taken some time to get a handle on the best "buy" prices in our area, and I'm still continuing to learn how low prices can go.  

On this page, I've listed the prices I try not to pay more than.  Many products can be purchased for FREE (with rebate/coupon/register reward/other) at some time or another.  However, if that's not possible, then these are the prices I aim to match or beat by pairing a coupon with a great sale.

The prices I aim for are based on what I've seen in the Madison, WI area.  I plan to update these "buy" prices as trends change & as I continue to learn.  Please note that prices can vary significantly by region.


Bananas: $0.39/lb.
Fruit in Season: $1.00 per pound or less
Grapes: $0.99 per pound or less
Lemons: $0.25 each or less 
Oranges: $0.50/lb or less
Kiwi: $0.33 each or less
Salad, bagged: $0.99/bag
Salad Dressing: $0.99 per 16 ounces or less (can often get "Ken's" dressing for FREE)
Strawberries: $0.99/lb or less
Tomatoes: $0.99 per pound or less
Carrots: $0.99 per bag of baby carrots, $0.99 per one-pound bag of whole carrots
Asparagus: $1.49/lb. or less
Green Beans: $0.99/lb. or less
Cantaloupe: $0.99 each
Pineapple: $0.99 each


Beef, ground: $1.99/lb. or less for 80% lean or better, up to $2.99/lb. for 93% lean
Chicken, boneless skinless breast: $1.99/lb. or less
Chicken, whole: I don't buy these often, but I've seen them down in the $0.80/lb. range or less
Ground Turkey: $1.00/lb.
Roast: I haven't bought this much but would aim for $1.99 per pound or less
Steak: I haven't bought this much but would aim for $1.99 per pound or less
Pork Loin: I got this at Hy-Vee for around $1.59/lb. at one time.  $1.99/lb. or less is still pretty good though. 
Fish: $3.99/lb.

 General Grocery: Bread/PB & J

Bread: $1.00 per loaf or less (I'd pay a bit more for bread with more protein/fiber) 
Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns: $0.79 per package or less
Peanut Butter: $1.00 per jar or less (I prefer the "natural" variety and have often bought my own peanuts at $1.99/14 oz. or less & made my own peanut butter with a food processor and a little peanut or canola oil). It costs more this way but is much healthier.
Tortillas: $0.99 per package of 10
Jelly/Jam: $1.50 per jar or less (I try to go for the lower sugar variety)
Honey: $3.99/32 oz. (Walgreens sale price)

General Grocery: Baking

Brownie Mix: $1.00 per box or less
Cake Mix: $1.00 per box or less
Chocolate Chips: $1.33 per package or less.
Sugar (white): $1.00 or less per 4 lb. bag
Sugar (brown): $1.25 or less per bag
Flour:  Hmmmm...not sure on this one
Cooking spray: $1.19/can or less

General Grocery: Other

Ketchup: $0.50 per bottle or less
Mayonnaise: $1 per jar
Mustard: $0.50/bottle or less
Pasta: FREE! (Ronzoni is often FREE after doubling coupons at Copps)
Soup, canned: $0.50 or less per can
Spaghetti Sauce: $1 per jar or less
Stove Top Stuffing: $0.50 per 6 oz. box or less
Tomato Paste: $0.33 or less per can
Tomato Sauce: $0.33 or less per can
Canned Tuna: $0.50 or less per can
Cereal: $1 per box or less (often much less)
Oats: $1.69 per canister or less
Crackers: $1 per box or less.  


Soda: $2.00 or less per 12 pack
Beer: Leine's/other decent beer $12.00/12 pack of bottles or less (we don't drink a whole lot but when we do, we like the good stuff!)


Butter: $1.99 per pound or less.  I remember seeing this as low $1.50/lb with coupon.
Cheese, block, shredded or string: $1.00 per 8 oz. or less (when I see this price, I buy a bunch & freeze it)
Cream Cheese: $0.50 per package or less (I've heard this can be frozen)
Eggs: $0.99/dozen or less
Milk: $2.00/gallon is what I aim for (this isn't always possible)
Soy milk: $1.00/half gallon or less
Sour cream: $1.00 or less (can sometimes get for FREE)
Dip, 8 oz: $1.00 or less (can sometimes get for FREE)
Yogurt: $0.25-0.30/cup or less
Yogurt, greek: $0.50/cup or less
Cottage cheese: $1.50/24 oz. or less
Orange juice: $0.99/half gallon


Frozen Dinners/snacks: I try to steer away from these most of the time.  However, occasionally I'll buy a few when they're FREE or nearly FREE. 
Frozen Pizza: $2.00/pizza or less.  I've been steering away from buying these lately.  But, do tend to keep a few on hand.
Veggie burgers: $1.50/box or less
Frozen Vegetables: $0.50/bag or less
Frozen Rolls: FREE
Ice Cream: $1.00 or less per 1.75 quart (I'll pay $1.00/small tub of Ben & Jerry's or Haagen-Daz, etc.)


Aluminum Foil: $0.50 or less for a 20-foot box
Dishwasher detergent: $1.00 or less per box of tabs
Dishwashing soap: $0.50 or less for 11 oz.
Laundry detergent: $3.00/50 oz. bottle or less (He)
Fabric softener: $3.00/bottle or less
Toilet paper: $0.30 per double roll or less
Zipper Bags: $1 per box or less
Paper towels: we mostly use microfiber towels in their place.  However, it's good to have some of the paper variety on hand.  I try not to pay more than $0.50/roll.
Paper napkins: $1.50 or less per package of 250
Paper plates: $1.50 or less per package of 45 (I've been buying less and less of these)

Personal Care

Band-aids: $1.00/box or less  
Bar soap: $0.50 per 2-pack or less
Cough drops:  FREE
Deodorant: FREE

Floss: FREE
Liquid Soap: $0.50/7.5 oz. bottle or less
Lotion: $1.00 per bottle or less
Mouthwash: $1.00/bottle or less
Pain Reliever, name brands: $2.00 per bottle of around 20+ or less
Razors: $1 per package or less
Shampoo/conditioner: $1 per bottle for name brand, $0.50 per bottle for off brands
Shaving cream: $1.00 per can or less
Sunblock: Still working on this one.  I've heard it can go as low as FREE!  I'm hoping we see that trend this Spring.
Toothbrushes: FREE
Toothpaste, regular: FREE
Toothpaste, sensitive: $1.00 or less