Store T&P: Drugstores

Store Tips & Policies: Drugstores

 Of all stores near me, I think, overall, I tend to save the most money at Walgreens.  However, they do have some somewhat cumbersome coupon policies, that do require a little extra planning.  Once you get the hang of it,'ll be sailing along & saving 75% +, nearly every time you shop there!  Really!...  

Shopping at Walgreens:

1. Walgreens does not double coupons. 

2.  They do not accept expired coupons.

3.  Walgreens allows you to stack 1 manufacturer coupon with 1 store coupon on the same item.

4.  Your number of items purchased (in a single transaction) must meet or exceed the number of manufacturer coupons you're using (or the register will beep). To do this, it sometimes requires buying a little "filler" item such as a $0.25 candy/other.  Though it's not clear in the policy, in my opinion, some store managers will count a $ off 2 coupon as two coupons or a $ off 3 coupon as three coupons.  This will increase your necessary item count further. 

5.  Having the cashier ring the Walgreens store coupons through last...after manufacturer coupons, tends to result in fewer beeps and greater savings (such as with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal).

6. When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.

7.  Coupons in Walgreens monthly coupon books (available in store or available as printable coupons on, are Walgreens store coupons that very confusingly state "manufacturer coupon" on them.  You should be able to "stack" one of these monthly coupon book (IVC-Instant Value Coupons) with another, regular, manufacturer coupon.

8.  Walgreens ads have "store coupons" in them as well.  These store coupons typically have a "limit" as to the number of items you can purchase (i.e. Lindsay Olives, $0.99 each, limit 3).  In this case you can purchase up to three Lindsay Olives with this one store coupon (in one transaction) and all three will ring up as $0.99.  These store coupons do not count as "manufacturer coupons" in the "# of items purchased" rule & can come in quite handy when you need "filler items" (see #4, above).

Register Rewards:
1.  They have a Register Rewards (RR) program.  A RR is a manufacturer's "Catalina" coupon that prints out after you have purchased a qualifying item.  You do not need to "sign up" to receive register rewards.  These are simply printed out at the register based on the purchase of a qualifying item.

2.  A RR will typically expire 2 weeks from the date issued. 

3.  A RR can only be earned once per transaction.  If you want to earn more than one, you will need to purchase the qualifying item in a separate transaction.  Also, if you use a RR for a certain product to pay for the same brand of product in a subsequent transaction, your next RR will not print out. 

These policies are subject to change.  For further information & clarification, see Walgreens coupon policy from Walgreens.comI recommend printing a copy of the Walgreens Coupon Policy to take with you to the store & politely share with the cashier should any issues arise.